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The development status of domestic electric actuators
Date:2017-03-07 16:48:29

Electric actuator is a very important in industrial process control system of the driving gear, its energy use is convenient, simple installation and debugging, in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical and other industries widely used. Electric actuators include electric actuator and control valve two parts, the control precision mainly depends on the control of the electric actuator performance, it can transform system control signals into output shaft angular displacement and linear displacement, the position of the control valve closure piece or other regulatory agencies, the accused of medium according to the requirements of the system state.

The development of the electric actuator in China starts late, from the Soviet union had contact actuators began to copy, 60 s and early '70 s, the gradually development of the DDZ - type II and DDZ - III products.

Since the 80 s, with the development of power electronic technology, electric actuator development fast, non-contact type of DKJ quarter-turn and DKZ straight travel, line of electric actuators are two categories of products into the market, DKJ, DKZ is our country the earliest, the only production of electric actuator, the product structure is simple, economical and practical advantages is used by the earliest state-owned large enterprises.

CHQ - 015/020 electric actuators

With the development of modern industrial control computer management, at present our country instrumentation industry as a whole comprehensive technical level rise generally, microelectronics and computer technology widely used in the instrumentation products, most of the products to achieve the intelligent. Today, DKJ, DKZ series than ever before with two real improvement:

(1) produce directly controlled by the computer intelligent electrical, outdoor, flameproof and other advanced products;

(2) the circuit control part potting in a small plastic box, namely module, formed a plug and play type of easy to maintain. As a result, the reliability, precision of ordinary DKJ and DKZ, load capacity and coefficient of signal quality performance have greatly improved, and the reduction of environmental conditions for a lot;

Intelligent electric actuator to realize the intelligent control, protection grade, high stability, high control precision, light weight, good function. Yongjia county, such as the shenzhou electric power equipment co., LTD. Production of DZW series electric actuators have these characteristics, the position control basic error = + / - 1%, set the repeatability error: (travel time 25 s or higher) 1% or less. The integration of structure; Transmission system adopts screw nut, is stable, strong carrying capacity, high driving accuracy; With functions of self-diagnosis, self adjustment and the PID.

DZW are common used in China at present and DKZ type two categories of products, some companies use DKJ, DKZ updated products, but in the higher control requirements of experiment, production control, mainly depend on the price high intelligent products abroad. Such as Germany SIPOS, AUMA, EMG, British ROTORK, France Barnard, such as the United States LIMITORQUE electric actuators. With the continuous improvement of all kinds of process control requirements, the electric actuator must improve the control performance, can improve the level of automatic control.

Know the electric actuator

Valve actuator electric actuators, and pneumatic actuators, now we analysis the advantages and disadvantages of electric actuator, a better understanding of the electric actuator.

Electric actuator has the advantage of energy use is convenient, signal transmission speed, long transmission distance, facilitate centralized control, high sensitivity and precision, cooperate with electric monitoring instrument is convenient, installation simple wiring. Defect is complex, thrust is small, the average failure rate higher than the pneumatic actuators, suitable for explosion-proof requirements is not high, air lack of place.

Electric actuator faults mainly include: electric actuator structure is complex, are more likely to happen malfunction, and because of its complexity, the technical requirements of maintenance personnel on the spot is relatively high; Motor running to generate heat, if the regulation is too frequent, easily cause motor overheating, thermal protection, it will also increase the wear reduction gear; Another is running slowly, from the regulator output a signal, the response and the regulator movement to the corresponding position, need a long time, this is not as good as pneumatic, hydraulic actuator.

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